Writing a report describing graphs esl

Notice that the Simple Past tense used. In there was a rise in X. Does it meet the word limit requirements?

Tips for IELTS Writing Task 1 – Describing Graphs!

Strategies for improving your IELTS score Selecting information In completing this task, it is important that you fully describe all of the graphic information given. How well does it follow the guidelines?

Introduction to describing graphs and tables

Sentence one should define what the graph is about, that is, the date, location, what is being described in the graph etc. The graph indicates that numbers of international students on the course each year have fluctuated.

Show feedback Hide feedback The graph shows the sales figures for two products from to Someland was the most popular destination for holiday makers from Indonesia. Tenses should be used appropriately. A sentence without a number will usually be short.

You should spend around 20 minutes on the task. Your task is to describe the information given in the graph by writing a word report.

Pick the biggest, the smallest, the main points, the main trends. Circle and highlight the graph. In this case we can say: Use a mix — a sentence without a number followed by a sentence or two with a number. Does it have an introduction, body and conclusion? The horizontal axis represents years and the vertical axis represents units of sales.

In X fell. In conclusion it is clear that funding allocation for disease research in Someland is not wholly determined by the number of deaths for which each disease is responsible in a given year.

For example, in the following graph we could not say: Trend 1 Start with a sentence with no number. What is being tested is your ability to: Then look at the guidelines and the sample answer below.

The graphs compare the number of deaths caused by six diseases in Someland in with the amount of research funding allocated to each of those diseases. Ideally your report should end with one or two sentences which summarise your report or draw a relevant conclusion.

Look at the following graph and read the description. You definitely need them for Task 2. You will therefore need to summarise the graph in meaningful segments. Does it include a range of appropriate vocabulary? Notice the tense used. Describing a graph Once you are confident that you understand the data described in a graph or table you are in a position to be able to write about it and refer to the data it contains.

Instruction Read the following text, which describes the graph below. Circle the biggest, the smallest. Word Length and Sentence Length Make sure you have words. Guidelines for a good answer Does the report have a suitable structure? The graph presents both the increase and decline in sales for both products, as sales fluctuated during the ten-year period.Home › Graphs: Home › Writing about Graphs: Overview.

Writing about Graphs: Overview. Before you Begin. (writing about a graph or visual data) you just report what you see. Don’t start sentences with But, So, Also, And, For, Since, Because, Although. Introduction to describing graphs and tables.

A pie chart. However, it is often necessary to reproduce and refer to this type of information in words, as part of a report or written assignment. If you include a graph, chart or table in your writing, you must explain very clearly what the data in it means, and why it is relevant to your.

UNIT 9 – DESCRIBING TRENDS Vocabulary Exercise 1 Money Choose the correct words in italics to complete the report. Describing graphs Exercise 1 Read the reports on the sales results of different division of Sony and match each one to the correct graph.

1. Music group sales went up slightly inthen fell slightly in and Writing task one: bar graphs. Complete the task one report writing exercise above. Spend only 20 minutes. Then look at the guidelines and the sample answer below.

Business Writing Tip #69—Describing Graphs and Charts

When describing some bar graphs you will sometimes use the same language as the line graphs. This will be the case if one axis of the bar graph gives a time scale. INTRODUCTION to writing a graph description For the IELTS writing test, you are required to complete two writing tasks.

Task 1 is some kind of data report, while Task 2. Business Writing Tip #69—Describing Graphs and Charts. Often when we write reports we need to include graphs and charts and we need to describe what is happening in them. Writing & Editing Services and tagged Business English, charts, graphs, report writing, vocabulary, word choice.

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Writing a report describing graphs esl
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