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Take a look at this types of refugees essay help sheet from the Australian Government headed Australian Immigration Fact Sheet 60 on the internet — it discusses refugees. The second potential track is a considerably darker one and has to do with the rising tide of nationalistic ideology within many European nations.

The third part will discuss on the implications of the situation for the European Union as a whole. As he has written: If these sentiments gain the upper hand, then the response to the migration crisis may move in the direction of simply shutting the doors to all migrants, or at the very least stigmatizing the migrants and thereby setting them up for poor treatment within Europe.

Different nations, for example, seem to have different attitudes toward the migrants, as well as varying levels of willingness to establish border controls, allow the migrants in, or for that matter engage in any other form of action regarding the situations.

Finally, the fourth part will reflect on what can perhaps be expected from this situation as the world moves into the future. The first part will provide a general overview of the situation.

Immigration, in my view, can be taken as a very broad term. Insofar as the current situation is a migration crisis, though, it would seem that it is the duty of the European Union as a whole, and not just its individual constituent nations, to formulate and implement a coherent policy and address the situation in an effective way.

These refugees initially fled to neighboring nations such as Turkey and Jordan, but they are now increasingly making their way to Europe. I try to keep them as close to exam format as possible.

Analyzing the situation in a more detailed way, Trofimov has pointed out that in a certain sense, the migration crisis at the present time is a result of Western action—or lack thereof—within the Middle East over the past several year.

At the present time, then, it can be suggested that a critical issue that has emerged regarding the migration crisis consists of the tensions that exist between the individual European nations and the larger entity of the European Union. Implications for the European Union At the present time, the European Union would seem to be more or less scrambling to pull together a workable and coherent policy that can enable it to deal with the migration crisis in an effective way.

Conclusion In summary, this essay has consisted of a discussion of the current migration crisis within the European Union. It has been generally understood that it is not acceptable to treat the migrants in this way; however, the event in a way highlights the tensions and frustrations that have come to characterize the efforts of both individual nations and the European Union as a whole to respond to the situation in a meaningful way.

In many cases, the countries they were fleeing had very repressive regimes. In short, simply shutting the doors to the migrants would be antithetical to what the European Union is presumably all about. And the points you make are good ones. Their final destination, however, is generally further north, with Germany and Scandinavia being popular targets.

Moreover, for European nations that are not in fact popular final destinations for the migrants, there may be a kind of vested incentive for the nations to dissociate themselves from the European Union, insofar as identifying with the European Union would require the nations to bear the burden of a problem that they would otherwise be able to avoid.

Greece has been a favored crossing point into Europe for many of the migrants involved in the current situation, for obvious geographical reasons; and this means that the primary route of entry is across the Aegean Sea Kakissis.

Essay on the Refugees Immigrating to the European Union

The use of force by the Hungarian authorities, a turning point in the migration crisis, drew criticism from the United Nations" Eddy, Orovic, and Bilefsky, paragraph Many have drowned thus far, and this could be expected to continue happening unless some kind of legal oversight and regulation is introduced into the situation.

However, given types of refugees essay help lack of regulation in the migration process and potentially inadequate vessels of transportation, the migrants are in fact putting themselves in substantial danger. As Taub has written: Reflection on the Future Moving into the future, it can be suggested that the European response to the migration crisis can be expected to go along one of two main tracks.

The second part will consider some of the causes of the situation. The current events sample essay was written by an expert essay writer. Overview of the Situation To start with, then Park has discussed the migration crisis in Europe in the following way: The nation of Hungary, for example, has come under criticism for the actions it has taken recently against the migrants:Essay on Somalian Refugees in America.

and livelihoods. Unlike Refugees, who have been deprived of the protection of their state of origin, IDP’s remain legally under the protection of national authorities of their country of.

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Cause & Effect. Read the IELTS refugees essay. One of the major problems facing the world today is the growing number of refugees. The developed nations in the world should tackle this problem by taking in more refugees. To what extent do you agree with this opinion?

There is little doubt that the issue of refugees is a global problem.

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There are two categories for refugees. One type is people who flee their home country and cross into a neighbouring country. Another type is people who move into another part of their own country and these people are called internal refugees or displaced people.

Essays Related to Refugees. 1. He had a new plan to help the refugees /5(5).

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