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An overview of the populations statistics inhowever, clearly reveals the contrast between Trinidad and its neighbouring islands: Enforcement[ edit ] The Government has not specifically targeted homosexuals under the "buggery" or "serious indecency" laws; however, in limited historical cases, individuals have been charged and convicted of these offences when coupled with other serious crimes.

Trinidad and Tobago

He was in search of the long-rumoured " City of Gold " supposedly located in South America. Inthe Catholic Catalan Capuchin friars were given responsibility for the conversions of the indigenous people of Trinidad and the Guianas.

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Order was eventually restored and the Spanish authority was re-established. Various nationalities were contracted under this system, including East Indians, Chinese and Portuguese. Had they not reached an agreement, Seepersad warned that the "court would have had to rely on the law of trusts and adopt innovative or radical applications to ensure that the common law was developed to determine what happens to property after the dissolution of a same-sex union".

Under British rule, new estates were created and the import of slaves did increase, but this was the period of abolitionism in England and the slave trade was under attack.

Afterthey founded several missions in Trinidad, supported and richly funded by the state, which also granted encomienda over the native people to them.

The sparse settlement and slow rate of population-increase during Spanish rule and even during British rule made Trinidad one of the less populated colonies of the West Indies, with the least developed plantation infrastructure.

Costs were also decided. A person who commits an act of serious indecency on or towards another is liable on conviction to imprisonment for five years After slaves were emancipated, plantation owners were in severe need of labour.


Sir Walter Raleigh raiding Spanish settlement in Trinidad in The next century the s passed without major incident but sustained attempts by the Spaniards to control and rule over the Amerindians, and especially the exertions of the missionaries, were preparing grounds for an outburst.

Economic depression[ edit ] Alongside sugarcane, the cacao cocoa crop also contributed greatly to economic earnings in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It granted free land and tax exemption for 10 years to Roman Catholic foreign settlers who were willing to swear allegiance to the King of Spain.

African slaves and Chinese, IndianTamil and free African indentured labourersas well as Portuguese from Madeira, arrived to supply labour in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Britain consolidated its hold on both islands during the Napoleonic Warsand they were combined into the colony of Trinidad and Tobago in Raleigh then went on his way, and the Spanish authority was restored.

Rampersad also refused to give the state a day stay to appeal. All State agencies have a duty to protect every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago regardless of whom they sleep with. Escalating tensions between the Spaniards and Amerindians culminated in the Arena Massacre which took place in Section 13 of the Sexual Offences Act strengthened in [2] criminalises "buggery".

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The missions aimed at conversion and cultural deracination, which were naturally unwelcome to the target population. The parties in the litigation before the court drafted a consensual arrangement to settle their property dispute.

This effort was severely undermined by the British Home Office and by the British-educated Trinidadian elite, many of whom were descended from the plantocracy themselves. In the — period, the collapse of the sugarcane industry concomitant with the failure of the cocoa industry resulted in widespread depression among the rural and agricultural workers in Trinidad, and encouraged the rise of the Labour movement.

Emigration from Barbados and the other Lesser Antilles, VenezuelaSyria and Lebanon also impacted on the ethnic make-up of the country.The Port has been the gateway to the capital of the Twin Island of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for more than seventy years, but was officially name the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago in Find links to Trinidad and Tobago newspapers and news media.

Discover the most extensive Trinidad and Tobago newspaper and news media guide on the internet. Official website for the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago providing access to Government services including links to government websites, e-services, Prime Minister, directories, e-government services information for citizens business and.

Trinidad y Tobago, también llamado Trinidad y Tabago, [1] cuyo nombre oficial es República de Trinidad y Tobago (en inglés: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)?, es uno de los trece países que forman la América Insular, Antillas o Islas del Caribe, uno de los treinta y cinco del continente capital es Puerto España y su ciudad más.

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The official website of the annual Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon. The National Quality Policy (NQP) is an essential instrument to develop a quality culture in all sectors of Trinidad and Tobago’s economy and society, which ultimately supports the diversification and growth of the economy, improves productivity.

Trinidad tobago
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