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According to how the limbs were set they could interfere with each other during walking. The Balaenopteridae, which the humpback is a member of, can be found as early as Micene five to fifty- millions year ago. Some of the vestigial features includes rod shaped pelvic bones and tibiae which are attached to the wall of its masculine body.

The function point-of-view fails to account for the presence of a femur in addition to processes from the pelvic bone. Their hind legs had almost completely disappeared by38 million years ago. In the eighteen hundreds the value of those whales increased making them a perfect target for hunters.

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Chadwick, Douglas, "Evolution of Whales. However, several field studies have now been undertaken. This close molecular relationship of whales and the ungulates support strongly the evolution theory.

Yet it also had a full set of teeth. NAGT represents the collective voice of K teachers, college and university faculty, and informal educators in museums and science centers who share a vision to build geoscience expertise and an Earth-literate society through high-quality education.

There seems to be a controversy over the origins of modern whales which retain vestigial hind limb rudiments. We seek an exceptional Executive Director to build on past successes and to provide strategic leadership to guide NAGT toward new opportunities for growth.

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They had complex teeth formulae with molars with double roots, a feature found in the terrestrial mammals. Basilosaurus and Dorudon have been found in many types of sedimentary rocks which show they were capable of living in both deep and shallow waters.

These features have no use in the modern whales but it still need energy to support their survival.

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This shows that this fossil was once found on the shallow waters and the leaves were carried by water to the sea to fossilize. The Ambulocetus could walk on land using the hind limbs being supported by the large strong femur; however the limbs lacked strong muscles, so it was not efficient walker on land.

The bottlenose dolphin Tursiops shows the best promise of possessing sophisticated social learning abilities, including vocal and motor imitation, though other species have not been studied. As a result of the cooling trend prevalent throughout the Oligocene period, the lives and habitats of many organisms were directly affected.

The pygmy sperm whale Kogia beviceps and dwarf sperm whale Kogia simusare much smaller.The humpback whale is a large yet beautiful creature of the deep. It’s kingdom is Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, class: mammalia, Order; Cetacea, Family; Balaenopteridae, Genus; Megaptera, Species; Novaeangliae.

The evolution of the whales is controversial due to it being hard to find a fossil. In their evolution, dolphins and whales began with an animal with a long nose and sleek body, with short legs, like weasels About 60 million years ago, as whales first entered the water, they looked kind of like a crocodile, with their long noses and short legs.

Apr 02,  · Words: Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Blue Whale If you have any questions about this paper, please contact our customer service department at THE BLUE WHALE What's Happening With the Blue Whale The Blue Whale is the largest mammal to live on earth.

Evolution: Why Humans Are The Way They Are When the word evolution comes to mind there are a few things that are automatically associated with the term.

A few of them being: Charles Darwin, biology, and controversy.

Evolution of Whales

The evolution of whales is said to be a backward kind of macro evolutionally transition because they moved from the terrestrial life to aquatic life as compared to evaluation of other vertebrate evolution from aquatic life to terrestrial life. The Evolution of Whales Essay - The Evolution of Whales The origin of modern day whales, a mystery that has puzzled paleontologists for years, may have just been solved with the discovery of an ankle bone.

The evolution of whales essay
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