Short essay on autobiography of a watch

It is not that men only enjoy as, most of us lesser beings seem to feel. I remained with him for long five years.

Short Essay on Autobiography of a Watch

Gradually we began to like each other so much as to be almost regarded as inseparable friends. Try to think of something captivating to enrapture your reader. Perhaps you could start with some out-of-context dialogue that is totally bizarre. Now, all my anxiety is put to rest as, I have learnt that I am also here to be worshipped just as God himself.

How To Start An Autobiography

She has such a beautiful wrist on which she dons me, sometimes the right and, sometimes the left, I can feel the softness of her cute wrist, her lovely skin makes me feel so snug on her wrist, and, above all the affectionate touch makes me feel her love for me. After a long period of processing, my pages begin to take shape.

Summer went well and my sophomore year began at Fairfax. If you are writing an autobiography, you could start with a quotation you very much believe in like "Never be late.

Even though I am alone, a lonely tree but, my life is full of thrill and excitement, as I get lots of, and variety of company. Gradually my health and energy began to break down and I was failing to maintain actual time. This is why there is so much hype about me and my kin.

Since I am near a temple, I have always had the pleasure of a lot of company daily and, the great honour of being worshipped by scores of believers every day. Junior year began and I am now an upperclassmen and think I have some kind of seniority over there new freshman.

I became a worthless thing, quite unfit for service after that. Together we went everywhere. It got around quick and it got me a lot of attention, so I continued on with it.

For many years I gave my master faithful and trouble-free service. After a long time, age and work weakened my body and dimmed my beauty. What information about your life are you going to include?

I attended many gatherings, cricket matches and pleasure trips with my master.


You can start with a scene from your life, and go from there. Early in the morning the temple is opened at 6 a. Sometimes someone stop by to look at me. Facts of life and luck had to be born this I realized and took satisfaction in this only.An Autobiography of a High School Student Getting through a day can be hard without a motivation.

I find that I can face each day of my high school life easier whenever I think about my plans and big dreams. Autobiography Of A High School Student (Essay Sample) August 31, by admin Essay watch movies, talk a lot, and listen to. MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY I am Gene Geralde Gonzales, I was born on May 2, at Baguio City, Philippines.

We are seven siblings in the family. I am the seventh child. My mother’s name is Fe Geralde Gonzales, she is from Cebu City and my father’s name is Mario Dy Gonzales, he is from Legaspi, Albay.

Autobiography of a Tree – Essay

We will write a custom essay sample. Autobiography of a Tree – Essay. Article shared by. I am a tree, tall and imposing, standing all alone near the campus of a temple. My life is ever so interesting as, I see a huge spectrum of society, funny gestures of people, and hear all kinds of conversation of the devotees who pass by me.

Words Short Essay on the Autobiography of. Jun 01,  · To write an autobiographical essay, choose a story from your own life that you're excited to share. Consider who your audience is when selecting a story and go with something that will appeal to them.

Next, create an outline for your essay to help you organize all of your thoughts%(). I am a Fountain Pen and today I am writing my Autobiography.

I was born at a pen factory a few years ago. My outer body is golden in colour. I was displayed at a pen shop; so I could watch all the people passing by.

Several people also had. I was born in a factory in Switzerland. My companions and I were imported to Ahmedabad by a rich merchant. He displayed us in a fine show-case in his shop.

Short Autobiography of a Pen

Being an Omega watch I was given a prime.

Short essay on autobiography of a watch
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