Organisational factors influencing delegation

Any wrong decision on such important matters can damage the enterprise beyond control.

Factors which affects the Delegation of Authority – Essay

Although an organization may proceed sequentially through all four stages, it does not have to. This may happen especially when the superior has poor operating procedure, methods, and practices.

Factors Influencing Degree of Delegation

Delegation is a two-sided pattern of authority. Equipment may be sophisticated, and workers often follow detailed instructions while performing simplified jobs.

He will fear the advancement of subordinates. The history of the company influences the degree of delegation. Similarly, a manager who has not been delegated adequate authority in his career is likely to delegate less.

Availability of Capable Persons: Delegating authority is necessary for efficiency in an organization.

Factors Affecting Organizational Design

If the attitude of the managers to concentrate all powers in his hands only then he will not delegate his authority An autocratic manager will not like to share his powers with others while a democrat manager will encourage his subordinates to work independently.

Technology changes create competitive pressures for all electronics industries, because as technology changes, so do the desires of consumers. So delegation of authority depends upon the nature of the enterprise.

This type of information is easily available at higher levels of management. A manager does not delegate authority because he wants to maintain tight control over the operations assigned to him.

4 Factors That Affect the Delegation of Work within an Organisation

Therefore, large organizations develop formal structures. If delegation is general in nature, there are probabilities of gaps and overlaps in activities, misunderstanding and hesitation on the part of subordinates as well as dissipation and waste of human efforts and time. Each stage has characteristics that have implications for the structure of the firm.

The organization becomes more organic in structure during this phase. In addition to internal factors delegation may be influenced by internal factors too.

Love for Authority Manager with autocratic nature might not want to delegate authority to subordinates.Delegation is the process of apportioning of specific duties to subordinates by their superiors.

The general objective of this study will be to find out the factors affecting delegation of authority in organizations in Kenya and. (i) Specific vs. General Delegation: Specific delegation is usually formal, written, hard, sharp, precise, clear and active whereas general delegation is informal, oral, soft, fuzzy, vague, unclear and inactive.

Delegation can be effected in very broad terms without delineating the exact nature of duty and authority. Organizational Structure: Influencing Factors and Impact on a Firm Researchers have argued that if organizational theory is to be relevant to practitioners, emphasis should be placed on organizational effectiveness and its influencing factors [].

Factors Affecting Delegation of Authority in an Organization

In the light of this argument, any mean. However the main factors affecting organizational design are: size, environment, strategy, and technology. Organizational design is the process of deciding on and executing a business’ structure. Organizational design is the process of deciding on and executing a business’ structure.

Factors Affecting Delegation of Authority in an Organization October 05, by: rekhas Points: 12 Category: Others Earning $ Views: Delegation is a two-sided pattern of authority.

It needs adjustments and sacrifices from both delegator and the delegant to accomplish organization's goals. Government organizations are established to serve the population.

Private sector organizations are established to provide products and services and create profit. In each case, although the mechanisms are different, the organization is formed by a group of people: members, voters, or shareholders.

Organisational factors influencing delegation
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