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If India retreated in the India-China war it was not for want of courage but for want of adequate weapons which the Chinese had and we did not. Till today it has not surrendered the occupied territories.

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But then you fought for others. A soldier fights in the most difficult terrains on the hills and mountains, plains and forests. The role which Indian soldiers have played during the four Indo-Pak War is exemplary. The immediate threat of aggression is from neighboring countries.

But in these days of atomic and aerial warfare, if every country endeavours to make her impregnable, it would result in a mad race for armaments. The Indian Navy is a well-balanced three dimensional force consisting of sophisticated missile capable warships, two aircraft carriers, minesweepers, advanced Submarines and latest aircraft in its inventory.

Continuous influx of refugees into Assam has created an explosive situation in Assam. She was sending fully trained and armed terrorists in Kashmir and other parts of India to create terror and chaos. We will have to fill all the gaps as rapidly as possible. A politician, a writer, a school teacher play their own roles through their abilities, but the role, which a soldier plays while safeguarding the frontiers of the motherland, is most important and unique.

Our Air Force has to shoulder a variety of tasks. India-Nepal relationship needs to be reviewed in the interest of both the nations. Pakistan made a military attack on Kashmir in Many of the warships are of indigenous design and have been constructed in Indian shipyards.

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And here lies the root of all trouble. Indian Army has fought and won several glorious wars to protect its countries from foreign adversaries.

The Navy is organized into three naval Commands: We all should feel proud for our soldiers.

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The security and the stability of our country also depend on them. Let every Indian soldier remember the inspiring message of one of the ablest leaders of India, Sardar Patel: Pakistan has been hostile to India right from the day of its creation.

India appears to be distressed on account of the Nepalese attitude of playing it off against China.

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A soldier is the most disciplined and faithful person in a nation. The operational and geographic division of army is into seven commands and has a regimental system. Under the UN-brokered peace process, a Line of Control came into existence and both armies retreated to their respective territories.

They helped to bring Hitler and his armies to their knees. Ms Benazir Bhutto was elected the Prime Minister of the new born democracy. You will enhance the reputation of your country and the country will be proud of you. We must remain prepared forward. It goes to the credit of the Indian Anny that the first Victoria Cross went to the credit of an Indian soldier.

Thus, Pakistan would be left with enormous gains — this was the closest that Pakistan had got to avenging its ignominious defeat of He is all the time on duty, even beyond his normal working hours. India has to take into account the Indian Ocean while framing its defence strategy.India is an agricultural country and most of its people live in villages.

There are more than five lakh villages in India. Seventy Percent of India's population lives in villages. The village people are very hard-working.

They lead a very simple life. Most of them are engage in agricultural work and animal husbandry. The geographical set-up plays an important role in planning the defence strategy India’s geographical location poses a threat to its defence.

Image Source: On the Northern side are Napa’, China and Bhutan, in the South are Sri Lanka and the Indian. Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Indian Soldier” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. The Indian Soldier Life of.

The Indian Armed Forces basically consist of the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force and the Para military forces. The components which are involved actively in the LICO in North Eastern (NE) states of India are the Indian Army and the Para military forces (PMF).

In India grasslands are found in wet soils, in salt belt and in the hilly region. There are 60 species of perennial grasses, which make up the fragile ecosystem that supports our cattle.

Pastures and grasslands are spread over. Importance of Soldiers in India Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, Important India On August 28, By Anurag Roy Introduction: .

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