Ielts academic writing task 1 samples band 98

The estimated figure for Iran in was over 3 million barrels per day, compared with around 2 million barrels in the other three countries. From tothere was a significant increase in oil production in Saudi Arabia.

There are also some tips given below to guide you and help you understand how to describe this type of graph. Make sure each body paragraph sentence has numbers and dates to support it. Overall, oil production capacity tended to increase during this year period. Units are measured in grams. Although production did not increase in in the UAE, the amount of oil produced peaked in in Iran at over 4 million barrels and at almost 4 million barrels in Iraq, Kuwait and the UAE.

This is very important. At the start of the period, butter was the most popular spread, which was replaced by margarine from toand following that low fat and reduced spreads became the most widely used spread in the final years. Click here to get a selection of sample line graphs to practice writing for your writing task 1 preparation.

Tips for Line Graphs Paraphrase the line graph information for your introduction. The answer is clear and well-structured with a skilful use of paragraphs and links.

For example, in this case: This paragraph demonstrates an excellent knowledge of the required grammar and vocabulary. It follows clearly from the previous paragraph which has highlighted these two countries.

Analysis Paragraph 1 The opening paragraph has all the key information about the graph but it paraphrases the question. There is a wide range of very natural vocabulary needed to describe a graph and there are no spelling mistakes.

Overall, the consumption of margarine and butter decreased over the period given, while for low fat and reduced spreads, it rose. Check the video lesson below to learn how to write a complex sentence for a line graph report.

Sample Answer The line graph illustrates the amount of three kinds of spreads margarine, low fat and reduced spreads and butter which were consumed over 26 years from to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Put main trends and any other key features in an overall statement. The paragraph is very well structured and cohesive, with no grammar mistakes and an excellent range of vocabulary.

The overall trend is that the capacity increased, but there is a big difference between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Paragraph 4 Paragraph 4 gives details about the four remaining countries.

Likewise, approximately 90 grams of margarine was eaten in the first year after which the figure fluctuated slightly and dropped to a low of 40 grams in With regards to the amount of butter used, it began at around grams and then peaked at grams in before falling dramatically to about 50 grams in the last year.

Paragraph 3 This paragraph goes into detail about the two most significant countries: Use this sample writing as a template for structure, key features and language for any IELTS line graph.

Injust over 8 million barrels per day were produced and this rose steadily, reaching a peak of over 14 million barrels per day in The graph below shows the consumption of 3 spreads from to There are no grammar mistakes in the answer and there is an excellent range of complex structures.

Despite a slight increase inproduction in Qatar remained relatively stable at less than 1 million barrels per day.

On the other hand, the consumption of low fats and reduced spreads only started in at about 10 grams. The other countries saw a slight rise in oil production over the period. In contrast, the smallest producer was Qatar.

Write at least words Task 1 plan: The figures for Saudi Arabia were significantly higher than in the other countries, while production was lowest in Qatar.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 (Process) & Band 9 Model Sample

This figure, which reached a high of just over 80 grams 5 years later, fell slightly in the final years to approximately 70 grams in Make sure you use synonyms and rephrase your answer.

This website is to develop your IELTS skills with tips, model answers, lessons, free books, and more.Oct 02,  · ielts-academic-writing-tasktable-bandmodel-sample IELTS Writing Task 1 question: Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.5/5(2).

IELTS Table Band Score 9 Model Answer. February 18, by Liz Comments. Below is an IELTS table model answer for writing task 1.

IELTS Writing Task 1

The IELTS table below is taken from IELTS Cambridge book 7. The sample answer is estimated at band score 9. The IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 Band 9 Sample Answer below is a response to Academic Writing Task 1a, which you can download from the website.

The chart below shows the number of men and women in further education in Britain in three periods and whether they were studying full-time or part-time. Task 1 Sample Questions and Band 9 Model Answers. For more information and help with your IELTS test visit- Below you will find 4 questions that are typical of those found on the Task 1 Academic test.

IELTS Task 1 Band 9. Below is a sample IELTS Task 1 question and a model answer. The answer is estimated to get a Band 9 Score. Have a look at the answer first and then we can look at it in more detail.

The total time allowed for the IELTS Academic Writing test is 60 minutes. Time yourself and allow just one hour to complete both parts of the test.

Task 2 contributes twice as much as task 1 to the Writing .

Ielts academic writing task 1 samples band 98
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