Ffxi desynthesis

While not part of the crafting system it is kinda related because crafters need the materials that items are broken down into. If you do go down this route then you need to research which recipes will result in the lowest cost and use the least amount of materials.

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The goal here is to get as close to the target number as possible. Everything else remains the same. This is Ffxi desynthesis stop you using nothing but the best abilities.

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Crafting Mechanics The crafting menu gives you a number of options and pieces of information about the item you are creating. So which strategy you want to take depends on the difficulty of the recipe and how many levels you are above it.

Beginning a Synthesis To begin your synth, first open up your crating log. However the main crafting abilities that you will be using are outlined below.

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Basic Synthesis - This is the safety option. ARR, which are Tradecraft guildleves and completing the crafting log.

It has very little risk and is perfect if you just want to Ffxi desynthesis the recipe without caring about HQs. This completed the synthesis. Desynthesis Desynthesis was added in patch 2. You will end up losing lots of money as you will end up selling your finished products to an NPC since players will not buy them fast enough.

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Each action you use will take up CP Crafting Points and this will limit which abilities you are able to use. You will only gain 8 guildleves per day and they are shared with battle classes.

The thing with guildleves and the crafting log is that they are limited. Due to the availability of items with ilevel 50 or less it is very easy to level up to 60, at which point it either becomes very expensive or time consuming due to needing dungeon drops.

If you reach the target then you will guarantee yourself an HQ, whereas anything lower will be based on the percentage chance. When you start a synth your crafting bar will have an initial quality which is determined based on the quality of your materials.

Sea Breeze Summer Pareo

But as the bonus is only on the first synthesis you will run out. It is a good idea to level desynthesis skills that compliment your crafting speciality, for example if you like to sell jewellery you will find GSM desynth skill the most rewarding. This used to give a second chance at producing an HQ and destroy your NQ on a fail.

We recommend you check out our DoH disciplines section for more details on abilities. By using HQ materials your quality bar will begin partially filled, while all NQ materials will start it at 0.

It is better to keep these for leveling crafting and using one of the many other methods of leveling your battle classes. You will be presented with a window like the one on the left.

So it is best to work your way up. Quality is still super important. Quality is displayed in its own bar in the crafting window with a target at the end in the example below.

Once a recipe has been completed a tick will appear next to the recipe in the crafting log so that you know you have created that item before.It's more fun to see stuff swooshing around.

Traditional UIs are boring, and plenty of other sites cover that. Is they any other way to incease the success rate of desynth? I currently have 60 smth (which is over cap of what im desything) with moghancment: desyth at ~.

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Fresh to Elite, join our community supporting Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, other MMOs, and all sorts of games. Be sure to read "Returning to Vana'diel" - our guide of changes to the game!. Already returned? Welcome back! Check out "Quickstart " -. Jan 11,  · Today I finally got sufficient amount of Octomammoths and luck to use desynthesis to obtain my own Sea Breeze Summer Pareo, after having only the top part, Sea Breeze Summer Halter, for a long time.

Ffxi desynthesis
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