Explain how organisations respond to it

In order to update this app, a Bluetooth signal is emitted sometimes a wireless signal is needed as well and the app has to synch with the device.

Most retailers has a scheme where they give a customer a card and they collect points by spending in store — once they spend a certain amount of points they send out vouchers to bring them back. As previously mentioned, health services can use the data collected by these devices to stop premature death and help treat medical conditions earlier.

However the managers of a business or organisation do have some measure of control as to how the business reacts to changes in its external environment.

This is less of an issue with private clouds Explain how organisations respond to it they are hosted internally and no one outside the business would be able to access the cloud without a secure login. Adapting If a business were to respond to developments in IT, they would be more likely to succeed — this means that the business is prepared for future markets and developments.

There are several benefits of using cloud computing in business — it allows a company to manage data offsite which can reduce maintenance costs as Explain how organisations respond to it are not spending money on maintaining a server and creating backups.

Although accepting this technology might benefit the company greatly, the wide variety of risks that cloud computing faces could result in an overall loss of productivity for the company if used incorrectly. Not responding can be an option for some businesses, in-fact businesses such as carpenters, sculptors and other crafts-businesses will not need to jump to systems like e-commerce, as customers will want to come to the shop to see items in real proximity, instead of looking at it via a website, such as eBay, Amazon or a self-hosted e-commerce solution.

Speed Contactless payment is often used because of its speed — it is able to process money transactions much faster than traditional chip and PIN and cash systems. Large IT, phone and other tech businesses can also use these sensors to boost their profit margins. Similarly, the cloud requires internet access in order to be able to get data.

However the flow on affects of drought will eventually work their way through to all businesses in the effected community. Finally, there is also the risk of losing profit due to customers spending less in store than they normally would. Despite however good other internal factors may be, it is very difficult for an organisation that is too short of cash to implement strategies within the strategic plan.

Business Response to Developments in IT Since contactless payment was developed, it has become an extremely useful technology for retailers and other similar businesses. These few seconds that it takes for the payment to go through can increase customer satisfaction and reduce the amount of time customers spend queuing for an available till.

Businesses can use contactless payment to encourage customers to purchase more products as they can now buy them quickly without hassle. Newspapers once carried many pages of job adverts but now this business is conducted by online recruitment companies such as Seek.

For instance, if this was to happen in a lab where they were monitoring tissue samples, if a change in the tissue or environment was missed it could destroy the sample and ruin any work being done — resulting in a waste of time and money.

Using these types of sensors can have risks as the use genetic programming which cannot always be controlled so data gathered from these sensors can sometimes be faulty. Cost is a major factor affecting whether or not using contactless payment is a good choice in business.

Businesses would have to analyse their budget to see if they can cope with the financial strain of implementing this technology; similarly whether their profit margins would increase as well.

P3 - Explain how organisations respond to information technology developments

The attitudes of staff and volunteers, and their ability to "go the extra mile" makes a very significant difference. This means that all they have to do is ask the company who owns the card reader to get them to enable the reader for small fee.

Overall the cloud is an easy to use system that just requires users to login to access a wide variety of features quickly and easily. There are different things that affect speed such as connection speed, server type and what type of cloud is being used. Similarly storing business data in an external place and only accessing it through virtual machines and secure software means reduces the risk of company data being lost in the event of a fire or break in at the building.

The law is against businesses using and storing the data but it can be used in ways such as this.

More advanced biosensors often find purpose in medicine — some have been designed to smell certain enzymes and create alerts when they are detected.

For example, when the organisation structure has many levels of management, decision making can be slow as information is carried up and down the hierarchy.

If the company network is too slow to deal with the amount of processing cloud computing takes, it can have an impact on business functions. The first and most prominent risk is the quality of a sensor and it not recording accurate data. Similarly, using devices like these which are already owned by people can cut the costs of the NHS using their own heart rate trackers and blood pressure monitors as more accurate data can be collected by these wearable devices.

In pursuing both recruitment and training strategies, an organisation is often limited by its financial strength. The cost of doing so can be several tens of thousand pounds.

Market competition The strength of business competition is a constantly changing factor in the external business environment. Many companies have chosen to move parts or the whole of their company onto Cloud servers as it can be an effective and cheap way of storing and accessing data.

Business Response to Developments in IT With cloud computing becoming a major factor in modern computing, many businesses are choosing to utilise this technology to make their business more efficient.Free Essay: Explain how organisations respond to IT development Adopting business processes In today’s society IT is becoming more essential in everyday.

How Organisations Respond to Information Technology Developments.

How organisations respond to IT developments

Transcript of How Organisations Respond to Information Technology Developments. How Organisations Respond to IT Developments purchasing strategies for automated ordering adapting business processes sales and marketing strategies for global opportunities. May 07,  · Check out our top Free Essays on P3 Explain How Organisations Respond To Information Technology Developments to help you write your own Essay.

How organisations respond to IT developments Posted by admin IT is always developing, the best example of this is the Mobile Phone market – it seems that each day there’s a new model from yet another manufacturer, IT developments happen fast, and if they don’t keep up, businesses will be left behind.

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Explain How Theories of Development and Frameworks to Support Development Influence Current Practice. Explain how organisations respond to IT development Adopting business processes In today’s society IT is becoming more essential in everyday life.

More about Explain How Theories of Development and Frameworks to Support. P3 - Explain how organisations respond to information technology developments, P4 - Explain how an organisation can manage risk when using IT technology, P5 - Describe recent IT development.

Explain how organisations respond to it
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