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Sometimes there is no homework so I fool around with my baby sister. Wordsworth, the great English poet, felt and beautifully expressed this in his sonnet beginning. I like to spend such evenings in different ways. He has the task of making sure all the doors and windows are secure before we retire for the night.

There is hardly any time to listen to good music, music that you truly want to listen to, not some transistor or radio blaring in the background.

For the ocean in all its changeful moods never ceases to be beautiful, and is especially beautiful at the hour of sunset. My home offers affection, security and happiness for my life and I am very round of my home.

So she helps my mother with her cooking. There are three bedrooms. By eight in the evening, my mother would come and get her ready for bed.

That is the top secret of the happy life of my home. It is great fun to try them and surprise the family that evening and then be appreciated by them. It is very beautify place and I am very like to spend the evening in the home garden.

Tuesday, February 3, Describe your family at home in evenings Describe evenings at home On weekdays, evenings at home are pretty tame affairs.

The others adjourn to the living room. I like serious songs and serious music.

629 Words Short Essay on An Evening Walk by the Sea Shore

I like it played soft. It casts a spell in the right atmosphere, it helps one to relax and concentration is shifted from problems and anxieties to the soothing sound of music. Not that we are very good at the game, but in our family circle it is very enjoyable. Once in a while, however, it is an entirely different enjoyment to have a music party.

So I usually remain indoors. Sometimes we like to sit down to a game of bridge. She is a load of fun and energy and there are a dozen things we can do together. During our walk along the margin of the sea we enjoy the view of the broad expanse of waters spread out before our eyes, an unfailing source of delight to any one capable of appreciating the beauties of nature.

Usually then we stay at home. It may be a world of experience or a dream world, but it is a world which gradually absorbs one. At this time of year, while the evening sky is still of an intense blue, the clouds are tinged with gold, and purple, and all the colors of the rainbow, and the sea beneath repeats the brilliant coloring of the sky and the clouds above.

There is a small garden around the home and one side is facing a paddy field. I have now acquired a ground floor flat with a stretch of land.

A typical evening at home

We, the children, sometimes watch television or listen to the radio. We are a middle class family and my home also belongs to the family background.

Evening at home Evenings at home are rare events for me; normally there is some activity. It makes one truly independent for there is no dependence on friends, on music, on company or anything else.

After the baby has gone to sleep, my mother, my father, my elder brother, elder sister, younger sister and I would sit together in the dining room to have our dinner. I sometimes help out too, but I am not such a good one.

That is the easiest thing to do. If there is something really worth watching on television then we may stay up a bit later. What we really like about it is the battle of wits.Feb 12,  · Describe your family at home in evenings. Describe evenings at home On weekdays, evenings at home are pretty tame affairs.

By eight in the evening, my mother would come and get her ready for bed. English Essay Of An Ideal Holiday Why Do People Travel For Education School Life Is The Most Difficult Time Describe The. English Essay #4: Comparison of another Evening at the Club and Spring Storm Men and women have different roles in society.

Men are usually known as the soul providers for the family and women are usually known as. A typical evening at home by Thoughtful Learning is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International License.

Narrative Paragraph Personal Narrative Personal Essay. Theme: Family Life. Standards Correlations: The Common Core State Standards provide a way to evaluate your students' performance. perfect evening essays Late one evening my farther and I had ventured out for a moon lit night of cross-country skiing.

We had finished dinner when we decided to head out. We dressed for the occasion, strap on the ski's and left from our front porch. The night sky filled with fire stars. “My Typical Evening at Home” and circle any more words that look incorrect for apostrophe use in each sentence.

Using three different colors (a pen, How might you apply what you have learned to writing essays? Tutor/Instructor Feedback and Reflection: _____ Student seemed engaged during “Activity.”.

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Evening at home essay
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