Essay questions about the salem witch trials

He strongly opposed spectral evidence, or evidence based on ghost sightings. The most shocking was the arrest of George Burroughs, the onetime pastor of Salem Village church. In a time of such paranoia regarding satanic forces, the villagers would be in desperate need of his services.

How could anyone have hanged their neighbor for being a witch? This is an exaggerated stereotype similar to the misconception that witches fly around on broomsticks and transform into animals.

In addition, one man was pressed to death by heavy weights for refusing to enter a plea; at least eight people died in prison, including one infant and one child; and more than one hundred and fifty individuals were jailed while awaiting trial.

Before continuing to examine the reverend, it is necessary to understand his background. Most ministers of Salem warned the government against accepting these testimonies from the very start of the trials. Recent research has argued that the minister used the witchcraft episode to maintain and build upon personal and corporate wealth King and Mixon.

When the jury tried to acquit one of them, Rebecca Nurse, Stoughton sent the jury back to deliberate some more.

Salem Witch Trials Critical Essays

One form of torture, though, was even more absurd. Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost. The Salem Witch Trials Reader. On June 15 a group of ministers including Cotton Mather, wrote Governor Phips urging that special caution be taken in the use of evidence in the trials, but the ministers said no more publicly in July, August, or September.

The Crucible

According to Puritan beliefs, witches worshipped Satan. At this point, close to two hundred people had been accused of witchcraft, and more than twenty-five people had died because of the trials. But word of the unexplained fits had already spread around Salem Village, and soon several other girls, including three from the home of Thomas Putnam, Jr.

Tituba, like Good, was very poor. Some people believe that the Puritans blamed anyone who was different as being a witch. Tituba would tell the young girls stories of her experiences in sorcery when the reverend was away. Finally, in October ofso many people were doubting the guiltiness of the witches that Governor Phips, governor of Massachusetts, decided to stop the trials and the executions.

The Puritans had a deep fear that those dark conceptions were a reality. Soon many jurors and judges apologized, and Judge Sewall attempted to take full responsibility for the trials and hangings. Either way the accused were killed.

Paul Boyer and Stephen argued that the Salem Witchcraft Trials took place because of the separation of the east and west, the choosing of the ministers of the church, and the agricultural and merchant interests. During the height of the itchcraft episode, there was an increased demand for ministerial services salvation in the Salem area.

The Salem Witch Trials. Because of this, the witches on trial would confess even if they were innocent, and they would also accuse other innocent people of being witches.

The family called in doctors, and they were treated for many illnesses. Those who have studied the subject of the Salem Witch Trials have very few disagreements on these events. They believe it began in the household of Reverend Samuel Parris. The credibility of these trials was challenged multiple times by many people.

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One named was Tituba, the Rev. Another 38 percent were over twenty while 18 percent were under sixteen. Salem Village was a farming community and Salem Town, which bordered the village, was a well-known seaport; cows and fish were plentiful.

The relationships between two of the girls and the reverend makes the reverend highly suspect, but even more so was the fact that the accused were the ones who had usually opposed Parris in the past. The trials in themselves were a big contradiction. Her husband, William Good, was a simple laborer and his inadequate income forced the Goods to accept charity and to beg for goods from their neighbors.

The Puritans exercised complete intolerance of the Wiccan beliefs and created the paranoia in their own minds when they felt threatened. People were still being accused of being witches even after the trials were suspended, but the charges were not taken seriously.

By accusing so many people of being witches, they thought they were just purifying the church and their community. Pressured to explain what or who had caused their behavior, the girls named three Village women as witches. They had constant fits, twitched, cried, made odd noises, and huddled in corners.

Although the law is innocent until proven guilty, and had been practiced before the trials, in the case of the witchcraft trials, the accused witches were guilty until proven innocent. That is a Christian notion that the Puritans associate with paganism.The Salem witch trials were hence as a result of the beliefs that the witches held within the Salem society.

The witches were also accused of causing strange diseases among children. Many of the Salem witches were often wealthy people who enjoyed a high social status within the community. Write an essay discussing the effects of the witch trials on Salem.

How do the trials affect the community? Government and authority? The church? Individuals? 8. Full Glossary for The Crucible; Essay Questions Practice Projects Cite this Literature Note. The Salem Witch Trials, ofoccurred in Salem is a case where people accused other people of witchcraft.

Salem was a town governed by strict Puritan religion, and to have such a charge labeled against you could cost you your life. The Salem Witch Trials may have been an irrational event, but they still have a rational explanation.

Numerous scholars have attempted to explain away the events with multiple theories, but only one explanation has withstood questioning. Many essay topics concerning the Salem witch trials can be derived from the multitude of information that we have, thanks to the documentation presented from the court transcripts themselves and the testimonies of the villagers who lived through that time of.

The Salem Witchcraft trials in Massachusetts during resulted in nineteen innocent men and women being hanged, one man pressed to death, and in the deaths of more than seventeen who died in jail.

Essay questions about the salem witch trials
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