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Nationalism clearly became the principal basis for the organization of western civilization. S and Europe had very different intentions for getting involved in Latin America and this influenced their relations and the overall status of Latin America.

The Government of the United States has been desirous by this friendly proceeding Inthere was talk of Spain and France joining together for attacks on the new republics Essay on the monroe doctrine the backing of Russia, Prussia, and Austria; fear of France becoming a power once again in the Americas encouraged the British to propose that the United States and Britain join together to warn off the two.

The United States was against European interference and intervention. Europe wanted to prove its superiority by colonizing and being in control of as much land as possible. There is also the example of Chile and Pinochet.

Thus though the doctrine seemed to have some flaws, it was of paramount importance in the annals of American politics. The Monroe Doctrine had positive intentions and aimed to ultimately keep Europe out of the western hemisphere, establish independent nations, and bond the U.

The next incentive for American involvement in Latin America was helping Latin American countries maintain independence. Through this event the United States gained more power and authority over the Americas. But Britain was the worse transgressor America fought against it and its success in the war made it confident on its own strength.

But the Americans soon became united and fought a glorious War of Independence and, in the yearthey finally achieved their independence through a grand victory. After all of this France had to accept the Doctrine and ended up with very little accomplished because it had to withdraw from Mexico.

With this canal it would reduce commercial and naval travel time to the Asian markets. Modern Europe and the World, p.

The Monroe Doctrine Essay

This extension contradicted the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty, which stated that the United States had to jointly control a Central American canal with Britain.

Essentials of Modern History, p. Pedro, faced with a serious economic crisis as well as the threat of another attack from Haiti, asked Spain to retake control of the country, which had only been independent for 17 years.

A separatist movement in Panama ensued, which the US supported. In short, the history following the Monroe declaration was a history of occupation and development of the Western frontier[7]. After Latin American countries slowly began to gain independence, the only thing keeping European countries from maintaining them was the Monroe Doctrine.

Hayes added that no European country could operate or fortify a canal. It is true that soon after the declaration of the Monroe Doctrine, America began to expand its territory and the small federation gradually termed into a big state.

While it is true that the Monroe Doctrine prevented America from entering the League, it is not wise to held that America was responsible for the collapse of the international body.

It was not until that President James Monroe came up with the Monroe Doctrine in order to send an anti colonial message to Europeans in a hope to keep them from expanding into the Western Hemisphere. Once the revolution was stopped, the United States left over one hundred troops to guard the territory they controlled.

India China Tibet Triangle — Introduction, p. But it is to be noted that the process did not always proceed through military might. Due to the isolation caused by the Monroe Doctrine, America stopped the imports from the foreign manufacturers, particularly those of Britain.

This also explicitly gave the United States the right to intervene, while before it was assumed.Monroe Doctrine Essay Examples.

27 total results. The Declaration of the Monroe Doctrine in and Its Influence on Other Parts of the World. words. 1 page. An Analysis of the Monroe Doctrine by President Monroe in 19th Century.

Monroe Doctrine

words. 1 page. An Analysis of the American Policy Towards Latin America Since 1.

The Monroe Doctrine Essay Sample

The only way to do this was to destroy any standards other than democracy; remove Russia's ideals. Monroe feared that Russia would have greatly influence and infuse communistic principles in the growing democratic societies.

The Monroe Doctrine was actually thought of as a threat. In the end, the United States helped prevent European re-colonization in Latin America through the Monroe Doctrine, even if the United States began aggressively extending its own formal and informal empire by the end of the nineteenth century.

President James Monroe first presented the Monroe Doctrine in two parts in The Monroe Doctrine Essay Sample.

The Monroe Doctrine

INTRODUCTION. The Monroe Doctrine is a natural protest against the European imperialism in America. It is a historical fact that some European powers like Holland, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, France and Britain started their colonial adventure in the sixteenth century and they almost divided and.

The Monroe Doctrine: Monroe's gift to mankind On December 2,Monroe went to Congress and delivered one of the most important speeches of his life indeed one of the most important speeches in the history of the United States. The contents of this speech became known as the Monroe Doctrine.

The Monroe Doctrine, now embodying the ideas of Monroe as well as those of Polk, Lincoln, and others, would continue to be a guiding principle for United States foreign policy into the twentieth century. The Significance of the Monroe Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine was merely a statement of an ideal foreign policy.

It became a symbol and a .

Essay on the monroe doctrine
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