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Your paper should have a section that addresses each of the following: It also creates what we consider to be normal climatic conditions — a rain band in the western Pacific, bringing rainfall to eastern Australia.

Indeed, a number of El nino bad essay dispute the reality of this statistical distinction or its increasing occurrence, or both, either arguing the reliable record is too short to detect such a distinction, [53] [54] finding no distinction or trend using other statistical approaches, [55] [56] [57] [58] [59] or that other types should be distinguished, such as standard and extreme ENSO.

Why is one side of the Pacific warming faster than the other? The Macroeconomic Effects of El Nino", defined the weather phenomenon. He was interviewed by Kylie Andrews. Asia[ edit ] As warm water spreads from the west Pacific and the Indian Ocean to the east Pacific, it takes the rain with it, causing extensive drought in the western Pacific and rainfall in the normally dry eastern Pacific.

At the same time, not so much cold water is pulled up from beneath. In addition to ocean temperatures and wind directions, scientists also monitor an atmospheric indicator called the Southern Oscillation Index SOI — which is defined as the air pressure at Tahiti minus the air pressure at Darwin, and is often reported on the news.

What is an El Niño?

For many economies, El Nino just spells trouble. The small rise in temperatures is influenced by change in the normal wind direction. A "band of above-average ocean surface temperatures that periodically develops off the Pacific coast of South America, and causes major climatological changes around the world" is how an April International Monetary Fund IMF working paper, "Fair Weather or Foul?

As the ocean gets hotter it evaporates more, which in turn cools it down slightly — just as sweating cools down a hot person. It is normally characterized by complex and abnormally warm ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean in the area near the equator which results in global weather events and sea-surface temperature changes.

A stronger yuan might have some attractions in an El Nino environment. The heavy floods are experienced far beyond the ocean shores in the main land, destroying property and rendering people homeless for months.

El Nino is a coupled oceanic-atmospheric interaction centered in the tropical Pacific Ocean which influences and distorts global weather and climate on an interannual basis roughly every years; its been 6 years since the last one in In practical sense, the ocean surface around the equator region warms up by small degrees Celsius along with very heavy thunderstorms.

In turn, the end results are severe changes in weather and temperatures around the world. One particular phenomenon encompases both of these elements.

This is called evaporative cooling, and its effectiveness increases with temperature.What is an El Niño? El Niño is a natural phenomenon experienced in the equatorial Pacific which causes temporary alterations in the world climate. It is normally characterized by complex and abnormally warm ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean in the area near the equator which results in global weather events and sea-surface temperature changes.

What is La Nina and El Nino? La Nina is described as cooler-than-normal sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, near the equator off the west coast of South America. El. El Nino Essay - El Nino El Nino has been a reoccurring phenomenon for centuries.

Man has only started to realize how much of the worlds weather is effected by it.

The effects are not always bad, but have good results as well. Return to killarney10mile.com Free Essays Free Essays A-F Free Essays G-L Free Essays M-Q Free Essays R-Z. Free el nino papers, essays, and research papers. El Nino - El Nino This morning, before writing this essay, I spent a considerable amount of time watering my wilting garden.

El Nino Essays: OverEl Nino Essays, El Nino Term Papers, El Nino Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access good 0, average 0, bad 0 (total score: 0) Essay text: El Nino causes unusual warming of the surface waters of the oceans in the tropical pacific.

El Niño Watch Temperature, winds, and cloudiness across the tropical Pacific were mostly neutral in Augustbut they gave hints that support model forecasts of a transition to El Niño by later this fall (% chance) or winter (% chance).

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