Dear school board

Not teacher salaries, not reams of much-needed paper, not funding the previously-unfunded district reading program, not anything related to academics. Closing a junior high anywhere in the district would and should strike a chord. Where they played in sports, walked younger siblings home from school because their parents were at work, and attended their first, eternally-awkward after school dances.

If you lived in our community?

Dear School Board: Don’t Close Our School

Armed with that information, what would you do if you were me? The one that had its swimming pool bulldozed over Christmas break last year, to be replaced with a gravel lot.

What would you do if you knew that closing the school was wrong? The one that could use some flowers out front, a coat of paint and a new sign. Here are the numbers: The school board, and the district, has another avenue to consider, one that is formally on the table as a proposed option and carries as much weight as a proposed school closure.

Academically, these kids are the cream of the crop. If you set emotion aside, analyzed the facts, and still came to the same conclusion?

Please put yourself in our shoes. Finding a campus, for a school that graduates about half of its enrollees, was the top goal. A new report would only show additional growth. You know the school.

The story you are telling is wrong. You are on a mission to find a new campus for Gilbert Classical Academy, a school of choice for accelerated, exceptional students who would place at the top of their graduating classes at any traditional high school. It keeps neighborhoods in tact.

Gilbert Junior High is projected to see a 41 percent increase in enrollment over the next few years. Gilbert Classical Academy graduates about 50 percent of its enrollees.

Finding a Dear school board campus for these few hundred students was your number-one goal for the — school year, as stated at a public meeting.

Closing a junior high would funnel those students to other schools, which would then have to accommodate both the new growth within their boundaries and the influx of students displaced by the closure of their school.

Because of the facts. It gives GCA a better campus. Closing a junior high would impact at least teachers and staff and affect more than 14, students at a number of schools.

You would do the same. And, Gilbert Junior High is expected to see the largest influx of students. Knowing that enrollment is projected to increase, it would be irresponsible, dare I say reckless, to close a general enrollment junior high school in favor of a specialty school.

Please think about the ramifications. It keeps the program intimate and enrollment in check, as teachers at GCA have demanded, and allows it to continue serving select, accelerated students in the way for which its become known.

Not because of the emotion behind it. At least one of our school board members knows that. What would you do if it was your school?Dear School Board, The recent decision to eliminate the Kinesiology (physical education) Program for the school year (for our students) is a major disservice to our students and flies in the face of all.

May 29, Dear School Board Candidate: Congratulations on your decision to participate in the Alexandria City School Board election.

As required by School Board Policy GBG, I am writing. Dear school board, Physical education helps students improve their knowledge about health issues and practices that will lead to a more enjoyable life.

Dear Kansas School Board Member: One of the great features of Kansas public schools is that they are operated at the local level by you — local board members who are elected by local voters.

Kansas school board members, you are our neighbors, co-workers, friends and relatives. Dear School Board Member, I am writing to strongly request that you defend the safety and privacy of our community's daughters (and sons), by refusing to follow the Obama administration's May 13,Dear.

You know which one I mean. Don’t close Gilbert Junior High School. You know. The one you tried to close a few years ago. The one with the crummy track and the less-than-desirable locker rooms.

Dear school board
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