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Once they were settled, these communities established schools, churches, and other necessary institutions. Modern Hip Hop also includes graffiti art, which is a direct reflection of its urban origins too. This cultural movement blossomed primarily in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, where a new African American middle class had developed.

Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation, and America. Many characteristics apply to these works, however, and there are combinations of different levels of society all existing in a single genre.

The American Civil Rights Movement around had barely started, but this actually helped to facilitate the spread of Rock and Roll while also aligning more and more young Americans to the fight for equal rights and an end to racism.

Braunstein, Peter, and Michael William Doyle. This sort of amalgamation broke down many social barriers as it also created an entirely new form of music. They also wrote about their experiences and theories in ways that severely challenged the status quo. It is often considered a blend of urban youth culture, music, fashion, language, dance, and more.

Protest in America from Greensboro to Wounded Knee. These people wanted a much higher standard of living for their families, and so they joined in on the Great Migration to northern cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York.

Psychology and spirituality in America from the Great Awakening to the new age. The Beat Generation, however, developed and thrived because of the equally strong intellectual subculture developing during that period too.

Unfortunately, the s saw some shifts in the styles and language of the genre, and a re-emergence of crime, drugs, weapons, and strong language has created some divisions in Hip Hop culture.

Many view this as the birth of the Harlem Renaissance which would soon include jazz music, poetry, literature, and various forms of artwork as well.

Da Capo Press, It is believed to have reduced gang violence in the inner city areas by pitting teams of dancers, DJs, and artists against one another in totally non-violent ways.

Hip Hop is a manifestation of the evolution of urban culture as it has progressed from the more restrictive period of the late s and early s and into the current era. Hub of African-American Culture, Harvard University Press, The early days saw influences from African and Latin Americans which focused primarily on the work of disc jockeys in clubs and discos, break dancers, rappers and some graffiti artists.

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This group of people was often the first generation born after slavery, whose parents or grandparents remembered lives spent laboring on plantations of the Deep South. It also allowed all kinds of poetry, plays, music, philosophy and more to enter into the common dialogue and to provide for a widespread acceptance of different art forms.

They still faced racism and segregation, however, and this provided for the emergence of the dominating theme of the art of the Harlem Renaissance, which was a powerful racial pride.

Rock and Roll music faced many challenges in its early years because it was created in a time when racial segregation was still very common and overt racism still rampant, and yet it appealed to teens and young adults of all ethnic backgrounds.

Hip Hop is commonly viewed as a subculture phenomenon originating in urban areas during the s, it includes fashion, dance, speech, art, and especially music — the latter usually including a blend of rap, soul, and synthetic or beat box sounds.

This would have an impact on such things as rock and roll, and even hip hop music too. The literature, art, music, and even formal educational pursuits of the time were all influenced by the post-slavery experience. Anderson, Terry, and Joe P. The free use of language and descriptive text led to several obscenity trials targeting specific works, and these seem to really mark the entire movement.

Subculture is a sociological term that describes a group of people with a distinctive culture that generally differentiates them from the larger cultural group to which they belong.

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If you have troubles writing a 5-paragraph essay, visit our guide. The Harlem Renaissance took place during the s through the s, and is noted as the first point in American history when African-American achievements in art, music, and literature flourished and were widely accepted.

These facts perfectly explain the origins of the contemporary American culture that has various embodiments.

They will simplify the process of writing for you. Reviews of New Books They rejected materialism, used obscenity in their publications, practiced alternative lifestyles, and were often seen as the personification of non-conformity and creativity.Note: Citations are based on reference standards.

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If you are writing a 5-paragraph essay on American culture, below are ten great facts you can use in your next essay. The Harlem Renaissance took place during the s through the s, and is noted as the first point in American history when African-American achievements in art, music, and literature flourished and were widely accepted.

Diversity training is effective if employees can recognize the advantages of becoming a culturally diverse workplace. Advantages can include; attracting and retaining valuable employees, increased innovation and creativity, and improved team performance.

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Education, rather than life skills, was more of a priority for them. Creating a Plan for a Culturally Diverse ; Culturally diverse entity.

Managing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace Cultural diversity, other wise known as multiculturalism, is based on the idea that cultural identities should not be discarded or ignored, but instead, should be maintained and valued. /5(18).

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